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Medical anti-radiation lead door manufacturers expected value for the whole industry

Click:  Source:Kinghorn Time:2020-05-19

There are many people who think that automatic doors and electric doors are the same thing, but actually two are different things. The understanding of automatic door theoretically should be the extension of the concept of door and the development and improvement of the function of the door according to human needs. Automatic door refers to the control unit that can identify the action of people approaching the door (or some kind of entry authorization) as the opening signal, open the door through the driving system, automatically close the door after people leave, and realize the control system for the process of opening and closing.
Automatic doors began to be used in buildings after the twentieth century. In the late 1920s, the opening of the American supermarket, automatic doors began to be used. By 1962, electric type had begun to appear, and since then, with the construction of cities, the field of automatic door technology has been increasing every year. At the beginning, it was difficult to control the speed of motor with power supply for buildings, so we had to control the speed of oil pressure and air pressure