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Entrance Auto Door


  • Core Value
  • The company introduced the advanced, cost-effective and high quality automatic door control system in the world. It runs smoothly, reliably, serenity, and has more than 3 million durability tests, and has passed many industrial and safety certifications. Through PDA menu adjustment, the parameters can be adjusted more quickly and accurately, and the control program and maintenance can be upgraded. The unit has two options: surface mounting and built-in installation.
  • The controller
  • The controller is combined with the advanced microprocessor and the code technology tested by practice. It is a new controller designed for the new generation of automatic doors. The new controller can carry out comprehensive and accurate control on the operation of the door, and ensure the smooth and no fault operation of the door.
    1. It is applicable to automatic door products (except MA).
    2, the original dual motor interface, at the same time drive 2 large power motors, suitable for heavy door body, run more safely and reliably.
  • The motor
  • The motor with high power and high reliability of DC worm wheel is equipped with encoders. It has the function of overheating protection and special material. According to the strict process, the stability of the motor in operation is ensured.
  • Wheel bearing
  • The imported durable polyurethane bearing wheel is smooth and trouble free.
  • The belt
  • The original imported steel tooth belt, the material is chloroprene rubber, has excellent elasticity and wear resistance / chemical / aging resistance, making the automatic door running more smoothly, using the environment temperature -45 C~+100 degree C.
  • Stan-Vision
  • The seamless integration of automatic gate, door control system and video monitoring system can be realized to provide a whole security solution for customers. Its excellent image number control induction and parallel neglect principle can provide 3352mm wide and 3048 deep monitoring areas, support 609mm overlapping security protection, realize intelligent management and save energy.
  • Bluetooth adapter
  • As long as it is connected to the controller, it is in working state and can be realized with automatic door control system and Palm 0S/Wlndows.
    The perfect connection of PDA debug terminal of Mobile/Android system can get rid of the tie of traditional data line.
  • Guide
  • Aluminum alloy profiles with high strength and wear resistance are used.
  • Mechanical lock
  • The American mechanical lock, representing the highest safety performance, is convenient for the night lock automatic door and the mechanical safety protection after the power failure. The advanced international classification management system, the 8 character interchangeable latch and the 7 needle structure provide more safe protection measures.