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The difference between medical automatic door and electric door

Click:  Source:Kinghorn Time:2018-07-31

There are many people who think that automatic doors and electric doors are the same thing, but actually two are different things. The understanding of automatic door theoretically should be the extension of the concept of door and the development and improvement of the function of the door according to human needs. Automatic door refers to the control unit that can identify the action of people approaching the door (or some kind of entry authorization) as the opening signal, open the door through the driving system, automatically close the door after people leave, and realize the control system for the process of opening and closing.
Automatic doors began to be used in buildings after the twentieth century. In the late 1920s, the opening of the American supermarket, automatic doors began to be used. By 1962, electric type had begun to appear, and since then, with the construction of cities, the field of automatic door technology has been increasing every year. At the beginning, with supply buildings with power supply for motor speed control is difficult, so we have to oil pressure, air compressor speed control, transformation but due to the energy efficiency is very low, but along with the technical development of electrical control, electric control technology has been mature now, direct control of motor electric type automatic door gradually become the mainstream. For example: all kinds of automatic doors with identifiable control, such as: induction automatic doors (infrared induction, microwave induction, touch induction, foot pedal induction), card automatic doors and so on.
Is not the same as the automatic door is automatic door is divided into: automatic doors, automatic induction door, medical automatic door, automatic revolving door, automatic sliding door, automatically open the door, automatic curved door, automatic door of overlapping, match with microcomputer intelligent controller, motor, rail, belt, hook, sensors, realize the entrance guard attendance function can be selected: if the fingerprint attendance, swipe attendance, fire linkage, etc. Among them, electric retractable door, electric door and retractable door are applied to the entrance and exit doors of enterprises, factories and communities. Automatic doors, automatic induction doors, automatic medical doors, automatic revolving doors, automatic translation doors, automatic flat doors, automatic arc doors, automatic overlapping doors are generally used in hotels, office buildings, bathing centers and other high-end buildings.
Advantages of automatic doors:
1. The top is equipped with a laser ceiling lamp, and the switch can be manually controlled.
2. The surrounding wool strip of the door fan is sealed to effectively prevent dust.
3. Automatic rotation and semi-automatic with manual operation sense.
4. Highly windproof effect, which can greatly improve the indoor environment of buildings.
5. It has the function of predetermined position stop, beautiful and generous, easy to pass.
Electric door, also known as "electric telescopic door" or "electric folding door," by the "electric" is divided into ordinary (to match power control box, power part) in the control box type mechatronics (power part, and logic circuit on the denso ontology. Such denso cost-effective, good reliability), intelligent integrated model (only on the mechanical and electrical integration with liquid crystal display, electronic, electronic torque, remote debugging, etc), intelligent integration just update of denso, intelligent integration is the development of intelligent integration of the main line, and update of power components, the use of frequency converter, and frequency conversion type.
Electric doors are divided into: electric sliding doors, electric doors, retractable doors and electric doors: trackless, trackless, with rail door control and trackless door control, LED display, fixed screen and rolling screen, remote control handle and desktop remote control, so that electric doors can be closed and opened. Electromechanical integration, intelligence integration type.
Advantages of electric door
1. In terms of use and control, there are manual and automatic control systems to meet users' requirements for opening and closing industrial doors.
2. In terms of sexual convenience, it is very easy to open and close sliding doors manually, because 90% of the weight of the doors has been balanced by springs or heavy hammers, which are made separately according to the scientific calculation of each door body.
3. In the safe and reliable model, the door body is equipped with anti-jamming when closing the door, and the function of air sense safety side bounce, or infrared sensor function. When encountering resistance or obstacles, the door control system will automatically rebound the door body to avoid accidents of people and trucks.